For Investors

Calidum Inc. is offering investment opportunities in the company to accredited investors under Regulation D Rule 506(c). We invite interested parties to contact our offices for additional information.

An accredited investor is defined as:

  • A large institutional investor
  • Corporations, trusts, partnerships with more than $5 million in assets
  • Issuer’s directors, executive officers, and general partners
  • Individuals with net worth more than $1 million, alone or with a spouse, not including primary residence
  • Individuals with income of $200,000 within the last 2 years, or $300,000 with spouse
  • Any firm where all owners are accredited investors (VC firms)

Please note, that all securities purchased in a private placement, as is the case with Calidum Inc., are “restricted” and therefore cannot be resold unless they are registered with the SEC or are sold under a Rule 144 or Rule 144A exemption. All investors must plan to purchase those securities for their own accounts and must not act as underwriters or plan to resell the securities in the near future.

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