Our Technology

Calidum’s products are based on a novel concept of receptor-targeted and DNA co-targeted [RTDT] delivery of radiation directly to DNA of a cancer cell. Calidum’s technologies have several unrivaled characteristics:

  • are diagnostic as well as therapeutic
  • allow concomitant detection of tumors and assessment of their aggressiveness
  • can help distinguish indolent from progressive disease
  • are radiotoxic only to cells that express the targeted receptor and make DNA when RTDT is present
  • kill multidrug resistant and radioresistant cancer cells
  • are non-immunogenic allowing repeated dosing
  • are administered at extremely low doses of nanograms per kg body weight guaranteeing minimal pharmacologic toxicities
  • can be used as adjuvants without increasing overall toxicity of the primary treatment
  • have the lock-in-mechanism that traps RTDT in targeted cancer cells
  • are compatible with the individualized treatment strategy that uses diagnostic imaging to identify cancer patients that may benefit from molecular radiotherapy
  • FDA-approved IND application available for testing in the context of prostate cancer.

Happy and young cancer survivor after successful chemotherapy.